The Baptist History and Heritage Society is a non-profit, professional organization with members worldwide. We bridge the worlds of the academy and the congregation and communicate the story of Baptists through print and digital media publications, conferences, and seminars.

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We are a national, independent organization of individuals and partner institutions committed to communicating the story of Baptists.

While the primary focus of our work is among Baptists, we also assist the general public in understanding Baptists.


Helping Baptists discover, conserve, assess, and share their history.


We publish a variety of print and digital media resources, sponsor conferences, and bestow awards upon exceptional individuals and organizations in the field of Baptist history.

Our work encompasses the diverse world of Baptists while intersecting the larger world through a focus on the long-held Baptist heritage of freedom of conscience, religious liberty, and separation of church and state.


The BHHS depends upon Society memberships and the generous donations of members and friends of the Society, including individuals, local congregations, and institutions. If you are appreciative of the Baptist contribution to the history of church and world, and wish to see Baptist principles and ideals preserved and championed in the twenty-first century, please consider joining the BHHSvolunteering, and/or supporting the Society financially.

The Society is appreciative of institutional partnerships, including Baptist organizations and universities. Our Baptist History & Heritage Journal is a well-respected academic publication that features the work of Baptist scholars, while our annual conference is the leading Baptist history conference in the United States. University partners help provide input into the development of the Journal and direction of the annual conference.

Finally, the BHHS seeks major donors who wish to contribute their resources to the Baptist legacy of freedom of conscience, religious liberty and separation of church and state, among other important traditional Baptist themes. If the preservation and championing of Baptist principles is important to you, learn how you can make a gift.