Fellowship of Baptist Historians

The Fellowship of Baptist Historians was formed in 2000 in Savannah, Georgia, during the annual meeting of the Baptist History and Heritage Society. BHHS members created the Fellowship to provide Baptist historians and other professional historians who have an interest in Baptist history with opportunities for fellowship and promotion of Baptist history through informal conversations and academic gatherings. The Fellowship functions as an auxiliary to the BHHS and holds annual meetings in conjunction with the BHHS.

FBH meetings take place immediately prior to annual BHHS conferences.


The FBH Bylaws are available here.

The Fellowship of Baptist Historians holds its annual meetings in connection with the meetings of the Baptist History and Heritage Society.


Current Membership List

If you are an academician or professional historian with an interest in Baptist history, you are cordially invited to join the Fellowship of Baptist Historians. Prior to joining, however, membership in the Baptist History & Heritage Society is required.

To join, email john@thebhhs.org. Currently, no dues are required for membership.