Carolyn Blevins Meritorious Service Award

The Carolyn Blevins Meritorious Service Award is named after a prominent history professor at Carson-Newman College whose career there spanned 30 years, and who is now retired as associate professor of religion emerita. The award is presented by the Baptist History and Heritage Society during its annual meeting to an individual or organization considered to have provided commendable and exemplary service to the society and is an expression of the organization’s genuine appreciation for contributions made to the success of the society in its ministry and service. Any member of the society may recommend a person or organization to receive this special recognition.

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Previous Recipients:

2021 Jackie B. Riley

2019   Ruth and Bill Pitts

2018   Michael E. Williams, Sr.

2017    Stephen Stookey, Texas

2016    Ronald A. Tonks, Nashville, TN

2015    Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

2014    Elizabeth Wells, Birmingham, AL

2013    Glenn Jonas, Buies Creek, NC

2012    Gary Burton, Hope Hull, AL

2011    Gary Cook, Dallas, TX

2010    Doug Weaver, Waco, TX

2009    Wayne and Sally Hannah, Stuart, VA

2008    Bill Underwood, Macon, GA and Richard V. Swindle, Atlanta, GA

2007    James M. Porch, Brentwood, TN

2006    Michael E. Williams, Sr., Dallas, TX

2005    Bruce T. Gourley, Macon, GA

2004    Northwest Baptist Convention and Northwest Baptist Historical Society

2003    James E. Taulman, Franklin, TN

2002    Merrill M. Hawkins, Jr., Jefferson City, TN

2001    Toni Moore Clevenger and Dorothy R. Maddox, Pensacola, FL

2000    Nelda Kent, Glendale, AZ, and Albert W. Wardin, Jr., Nashville, TN

1999    Slayden and Janis Yarbrough, Shawnee, OK

1998    Alan Lefever, Forth Worth, TX

Award was presented by the Southern Baptist Historical Society® in 1999-2000 and by the Baptist History and Heritage Society in 2001-present.