Davis C. Woolley Award

The Davis C. Woolley Award is for Outstanding Achievement in Assessing and Preserving Baptist History. From 2013 to the present, the Woolley Award is presented in partnership with the Association of Librarians and Archivists at Baptist Institutions (ALABI).

Davis C. Woolley served as the second executive secretary-treasurer of the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1959 to 1971. In his honor, the Historical Commission established the Davis C. Woolley Award in 1991. The purpose of the award is to encourage creativity and excellence in state Baptist history programs, including all organizations involved in assessing and preserving Baptist history.

Presented by the president of the Society during the annual meeting of the Baptist History and Heritage Society, the award is given to an individual or a state program that demonstrated great progress and achievements during the preceding calendar year.

Previous Recipients:

2024 Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives

2023 Samford University Special Collection

2020   Alabama Baptist Historical Commission

2019   Middle and East Tennessee Baptist Archives at Carson-Newman University

2018   Virginia Union University Archives and Special Collections

2017   Ouachita Baptist University Library.

2016    J. T. & Zelma Luther Archives at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

2015    Freewill Baptist Historical College, Welch College, Nashville, Tennessee

2014    History Center: Archives of the Baptist General Conference and Bethel University

2013    Wake Forest University Special Collections and Archives

2012    Samford University Special Collections

2011    Georgia Baptist History Depository at Mercer University

2010    Tennessee Baptist Historical Society

2009    Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives

2008    The Center for Baptist Studies of Mercer University

2007    The North American Baptist Heritage Commission

2006    Virginia Baptist Historical Society/Center for Baptist Heritage and Studies

2005    Texas Baptist Historical Collection

2004    South Carolina Baptist Historical Collection

2003    Nelda Kent, Curator/Archivist, Arizona Baptist Historical Commission

2002    Virginia Baptist Historical Society/Center for Baptist Heritage and Studies

2001    Alabama Baptist Historical Commission

2000    Florida Baptist Historical Society

1999    Georgia Baptist Historical Society/Collection

1998    Mississippi Baptist Historical Commission

1997    Max Daley/Northwest Baptist Historical Society

1996    J. M. Gaskin/Oklahoma Baptist Historical Commission

1995    Alan Lefever/Texas Baptist Historical Collection

1994    Betty Danielson/New Mexico Baptist Collection

1993    Adrian Lamkin/Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies at William Jewell College

1992    John F. Loftis/Alabama Baptist Historical Commission

1991    Fred Anderson/Virginia Baptist Historical Society

Award presented by the Southern Baptist Historical Commission in 1991-1997, by the Southern Baptist Historical Society® in 1998-2000, and by the Baptist History and Heritage Society in 2001-present.