Conferences: Purpose and History

The Baptist History and Heritage Society (known as the Southern Baptist Historical Society® prior to 2001) has held annual meetings since 1969. The meetings are a time for learning more about Baptist history, fellowshipping with others interested in Baptist heritage, interacting with local Baptists, and conducting the business of the society.

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In 1969-1997, the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Historical Society® cosponsored the meetings. In 1998-2000, the Southern Baptist Historical Society® sponsored the meetings. Since 2001, the Baptist History and Heritage Society has sponsored the meetings. Since 2013, the Society has been partnering with other Baptist organizations as co-sponsors.

Past meetings have been held throughout the country, and the themes of the meetings have covered a large range of topics. Papers presented at the meetings are published in the summer/fall issue of the Baptist History and Heritage.

At each annual meeting, the Society presents four awards: the W.O. Carver Distinguished Service Award, the Norman W. Cox Award for the Best Article Published in Baptist History and Heritage, the Davis C. Woolley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Assessing and Preserving Baptist History, and the Carolyn Blevins Meritorious Service Award.