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A Festschrif in Honor of William Loyd Allen | 2023 Vol. LVIII, No. 2

Guest Editor’s Note – Andrew Christopher Smith

“I Thoroughly, Entirely and Heartily Disapprove”: Annie Armstrong and the Woman’s Missionary Training School – Melody Maxwell

The Black Christian Consensus: A Historical Interpretation of Black Christianity, Religion, and Liberation – Sandy Dwayne Martin

Pragmatism Over Principle: Southern Baptist Responses to Confederate Feast Days – Christopher C. Moore

Take Up the Work of Jesus Christ: Lee Scarborough’s Encounter with Reuben Torrey and the Holiness Movement – Andrew Christopher Smith

A Bibliography of Works by William Loyd Allen – Ranmi Bae

Book Reviews:

Re-Membering the Body: The Witness of History, Theology, and the Arts in Honour of Ruth M. B. Gouldbourne – Mike O’Neal

We Will Be Free: The Life and Faith of Sojourner Truth – Leslie Garrote

Pulpits of the Lost Cause: The Faith and Politics of Former Confederate Chaplins during Reconstruction – Christopher Price

Remembering Antonia Teixeria: A Story of Missions, Violence, and Institutional Hypocrisy – Andrew Christopher Smith

Papers from the Baptist History & Heritage Society’s Annual Meeting, 2023 | 2023 Vol. LVIII, No. 1

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

The History and Impact of the Baptist University of the Americas – Twyla Hernandez

A Little Leaven Leavens the Whole Lump: THe Significance of the 1995 Resolution on Racial Reconciliation among African American Members of the SBC – Ralph D. West

Joseph Martin Dawson: A Baptist Who Lived His Ethical Convictions – Joe E. Early Jr.

Norrisism: Cult Movement or Crusade for Orthodoxy? – Jill Botticelli Cabal

ICOBS: Pursuing the Baptist Heritage World Wide – Bill Pitts

Document: Antislavery Letter from Abraham Booth (1793) – John T. Lowe

Book Reviews:

Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation – J. David Holcomb

Arminian Baptists: A Biographical History of Free Will Baptists – Michael Kuykendall

Pulpits of the Lost Cause: The Faith and Politics of Former Confederate Chaplains during Reconstruction – Christopher Price

Gin, Jesus & Jim Crow: Prohibition and the Transformation of Racial and Religious Politics in the South – Andrew Smith

A Life of Alexander Campbell – Gregory Tomlin

Forging a Christian Order: South Carolina Baptists, Race, and Slavery, 1696-1860 – Doug Weaver

Baptist Pastors Through the Centuries | 2022 Vol. LVII, No. 3

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

Early Baptist Chalk and Cheese: The Contrast between the Seventeenth-Century Baptizing Congregationalists, Thomas Tillam and Paul Hobson – Stephen Kent

Isaac Watts, Baptists, and the Song of the Church – David W. Music

The Dependent Colossus: B.H. Carroll’s Use of Alexander Vinet’s Pastoral Theology – Leland Brown

George W. Truett in World War I – David Crum

Book Reviews:

Southern Baptists Re-Observed: Perspectives on Race, Gender and Politics – C. Douglas Weaver

Building on a Common Foundation: The Baptist Uion of Scotland, 1869-2019 – Kenneth Roxburgh

God’s Rascal: J. Frank Norris and the Beginnings of Southern Fundamentalism – Alan Lefever

The Story of Bristol Baptist College: Three Hundred Years of Ministerial Formation – Karen E. Smith

Claypool – Leslie David Hollon

Baptists, Catholics, and the Whole Church: Partners in the Pilgrimage to Unity – Derek C. Hatch

Papers from Baptist Academic Gatherings, 2022 | Summer 2022 Vol. LVII, No. 2

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

The Universal and the Particular: Race, Religion, and the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. – Sandy Dwayne Martin

Birmingham Baptists Meet the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement – Andrew M. Manis

John Houghton: An Incomplete Briefing – Fisher Humphreys

Tennessee Baptists and the Scopes Trial – Joe E. Early Jr.

Shoulder to Shoulder: Clyde Francisco, Genesis 1-3, and Modern Science – Mike O’Neal

Book Reviews:

Eavesdropping on the Most Segregated Hour: A City’s Clergy Reflect on Racial Reconciliation – Jerry L. Faught II

Bonds of Salvation: How Christianity Inspired and Limited American Abolitionism – Sandy Dwayne Martin

Between Dixie and Zion: Southern Baptists and Palestine before Israel – Christopher Price

The Global Mission of the Jim Crow South: Southern Baptist Missionaries and the Shaping of Latin American Evangelicalism – Robert N. Nash Jr.

Baptist Men and Women Engaging with the World Around Them: Spring 2022 Vol. LVII, No. 1

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

The False Bed of Worship: Roger Williams’ Metaphors of Marital Infidelity and Sexual Violence in the Struggle for Liberty of Conscience – Gregory Tomlin

Baptist Churches as a Training Ground for Young Men’s Political Activism in Late Colonial and Early National Massachusetts – Jacob Hicks

From Personal Service to Church Social Work: Woman’s Missionary Union and Social Ministry in the Twentieth Century – Carol C. Holcomb, Melody C. Maxwell, and T. Laine Scales

Reframing Southern Baptist Responses to U.S. Diplomatic Relations with the Holy See, 1925-1984 – Andrea Di Stefano

Book Reviews:

The Evangelical Quadrilateral – Merrill Hawkins, Jr.

Come out from Among Them, and Be Ye Separate, Saith the Lord: Separationism and the Believers’ Church Tradition – Marshall Johnston

More Witnesses to the Baptist Heritage: Twenty-Four More Baptists Every Christian Should Know – Michael Kuykendall

With Radiant Hope: Timeless and Timely Reflections from George W. Truett – Steve W. Lemke

Migrational Religion: Context and Creativity in the Latinx Diaspora – Robert V. Martinez

One Nation Under Graham: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and American Exceptionalism – Jake Raabe

First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Andrew Smith

A Mere Kentucky of a Place: The Elkhorn Association and the Commonwealth’s First Baptists – Michael E. Williams Sr.

A Festschrift in Honor of Bill J. Leonard: Fall 2021 Vol. LVI, No. 3

Executive Director’s Note – John Finley

A Tribute to Bill J. Leonard: American Baptist Historian, Colleague, Mentor, and Friend – Rob Nash

An Interview with Bill J. Leonard – Rob Nash

An Interview with Darryl Aaron – Rob Nash

Sermon: Making an Entrance – Darryl Aaron

Baptists, the Holy Spirit, and the Threat of Women Preachers – Doug Weaver

“He Lives Yet in Baylor University”: John S. Tanner and Early Theological Education in Texas – Glenn Jonas

Religion, Sport, and Congregation: Dean Smith as Basketball Coach and Baptist Churchman – Andrew Gardner

Missouri Baptists: Freedom of Conscience and Unity – Abigail C. Pratt and Andrew L. Pratt

A Bibliography of Works by Bill J. Leonard – Compiled by John Finley

Book Reviews

Black Fundamentalists: Conservative Christianity and Racial Identity in the Segregation Era –Sandy Dwayne Martin

Charlotte Atlee White Rowe: The Story of America’s First Appointed Woman Missionary –Melody Maxwell

A Holy Baptism of Fire and Blood: The Bible and the American Civil War Christopher C. Moore

Exploring Overlooked Figures and Developments in Baptist Life: Summer 2021 Vol. LVI, No. 2

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

Susanna Mason Backus: Daughter of Christ –Jordann A. Heckart

In Quest of a Denominationally Unifying Hymnbook: Three Baptist Hymnbooks Published in America Prior to the Formation of the Southern Baptist Convention –Kim Arnold

Jennings Randolph: A Politically Liberal and Socially Conservative Seventh Day Baptist Senator – Christopher Price

The Baptist Phase of the Charismatic Movement: The Case of Texas – J. Gordon Melton

“Our Missionaries Are Not Revolutionaries”: Race, Southern Baptists, and the Protestant Far Right in the Rhodesian Bush War, 1965–1980 –Benjamin J. Young

Book Reviews:

Mainstreaming Fundamentalism: John R. Rice and Fundamentalism’s Public Reemergence – Barry Hankins

Saving History: How White Evangelicals Tour the Nation’s Capital and Redeem a Christian America – Jennifer L. Hawks

Baptists, Gospel, and Culture: Papers from the Eighth International Conference of Baptist Studies – Carol Woodfin

Controversial Baptist Episodes in Four Different Centuries: Spring 2021 Vol. LVI, No. 1

Executive Director’s Note – John Finley

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

The Scandal of the “Counterfeit Jew”: Who Benefitted from the Dissemination of this Sensational Story? – Stephen Kent

Rufus Burleson and the “Brazilian Girl”: The Story of Antonia Teixeira – Mikeal Parsons

“Tough and Tender”: Theology and Masculinity in the 1991 Baptist Hymnal –Jacob Randolph

Not Your Grandparents’ Fundamentalism: Fundamentalist Millennial and Gen Z Attitudes Toward Alcohol – Joe Coker

Book Reviews:

James Robinson Graves: Staking the Boundaries of Baptist Identity (2nd ed.) – Marty G. Bell

A Marginal Majority: Women, Gender, and a Reimagining of Southern Baptists Karen O’Dell Bullock

Christianity: A Brief History Jerry L. Faught II

Howard Thurman & The Disinherited: A Religious Biography Malcolm Foley

Home Without Walls: Southern Baptist Women and Social Reform in the Progressive Era Mandy E. McMichael

A Festschrift in Honor of C. Douglas Weaver: Fall 2020 Vol. LV, No. 3

Editor’s Note: In Honor of C. Douglas Weaver -Joe Coker

A Tribute to C. Douglas Weaver: Our Friend, Colleague, Teacher, and Inspiration – Pamela R. Durso

Dividing the Mind of the White South: Carlton McCarthy and the Bifurcation of Confederate Memory – Christopher C. Moore

“What is your great sorrow?”: Retrieving Henry M. Warren’s Legacy of Hotel Chaplaincy, Suicide Prevention, and Electronic Worship Music – John Essick Inscore

How Beautiful Are Those Who Bring Good News: Baptist Theology and the Making of Miss America – Mandy McMichael

Roger Williams and Walter Rauschenbusch: Toward a Baptist Foundation for Interreligious Dialogue – Robert N. Nash Jr.

Edward E. Thornton: Practical Baptist Mystic – Wm. Loyd Allen

A Bibliography of Works: C. Douglas Weaver – Joe Coker

Book Reviews:

Faith in American Public Life – Aaron D. Weaver

In the Shadow of a Prophet: The Legacy of Walter Rauschenbusch – Bill Pitts

A History of the Black Baptist Church: I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired – Doug Weaver

Enduring Lost Cause: Afterlives of a Redeemer Nation – Bruce Gourley

Baptist Contributions and Controversies: Summer 2020 Vol LV, No. 2

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

John Clarke: The Neglected Founder – J. Stanley Lemons

Anna Beeman of Warren, Connecticut: Early Baptist Hymn Writer – David W. Music

Lagos Baptists in the Development of the Nigerian Baptist Convention – Oluwaseun O. Afolabi

“Forbidding us to speak unto the Gentiles”: The First Southern Baptist Convention (1845) in Its Moral and Theological Context – Obbie Tyler Todd

From Permissible to Intolerable: Southern Baptists and the Abortion Debate in the 1970s – Joe Early Jr.

A Baptist Student Remembers 1968 – Thomas H. Graves

Book Reviews:

Doing the Word: Southern Baptists’ Carver School of Church Social Work and Its Predecessors, 1907-1997 – Andrew Smith

Decoding Roger Williams: The Lost Essay of Rhode Island’s Founding Father – Gregory Tomlin

Retracing Baptists in Rhode Island: Identity, Formation, and History – Lloyd Harsch

A Festschrift in Honor of Karen O’Dell Bullock: Spring 2020 Vol LV, No. 1

Festschrift Editor’s Note – Joseph E. Early Jr.

Eschatological Fulfillment and Ecclesiology in Roger Williams – Gregory Tomlin

Brooks Hays: Civil Politician in an Uncivil Parish – Stephen M. Stookey

Leslie Lee Gwaltney: Editor and Peacemaker During the Dilemma of Two World Wars – Michael E. Williams Sr.

“Proceed with care”: Atlantic Baptists and Women’s Ordination in the 1980s – Melody Maxwell

And She Laughed to Herself: Toward a Theology of Laughter for the Community of Faith – Sheila Klopfer

Can Baptists Be Identified in the Twenty-first Century? – Brian Talbot

Baptist Leaders of the 19th and 20th Centuries: Fall 2019 Vol 54, No. 3

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

From Publishing to the Pulpit: The Life and Ministry of Isaac Taylor Hinton – Lloyd A. Harsch

“Go west, young man”: Edwin Charles Dargan’s Abbreviated Mission to the Baptists of California, 1887-1888 – John M. Finley

The Bible in the Baptist Pulpit: The Use of Scripture by B.H. Carroll, E.C. Morris, and W.B. Johnson from 1890 to 1905 – Andrew Ronnevik

Due to Liberal Views: The Dismissals of North Carolina Baptist Campus Leaders in 1954 – James W. Trent Jr.

Senator Robert C. Byrd and the 1964 Civil Rights Debate – Christopher Price

Baptist Preaching Giant, John Claypool: A Theology of Ministry in Process – Doug Weaver

Baptist Engagement with Social Justice and Those on the Margins: Summer 2019 Vol 54, No. 2

Executive Director’s Note – John M. Finley

Editor’s Note – Joe Coker

The Role, Place, and Purpose of Southern Baptist Women, 1979-1987 – Joseph E. Early Jr.

“A voice crying in the wilderness”: Joseph Martin Dawson’s Quest for Social Justice – Bill Pitts

Two Roads Diverged: The Civil Rights Movement Comes to FBC Raleigh – Glenn Jonas

Imaginary Indians: Baptist Laypeople and Indian Reform – Daniel W. Williams

Baptist Mission Work among Hispanics in the United States, 1837-1989 – Twyla K. Hernandez

Expanding the Fear of the Mongrel: Baptist Missions in Latin America and Transnational Racist Cross-Pollination – Joao Chaves

Baptist Practices: Church-State Relations, Civil Rights, Associations, and Mission: Spring 2019 Vol 54, No. 1

Executive Director’s Note – John Finley

Editor’s Note – Bill Pitts

John Murton’s Argument for Religious Tolerance: A General Baptist’s Use of Non-Biblical Sources and Its Significance – Joe L. Coker

Baptists and the Johnson Amendment – J. David Holcomb

Against the World: The Doctrine of Separation Within the Political Context of the Origins of Swiss Anabaptism – Daniel P. Rhodes

Baptist Confessionalism: Unity and Diversity Among Baptist Associations in the Southern States During the Nineteenth Century – Peter Frank Lumpkins and Jerry Pillay

Hazel Brannon Smith (1914-1994): A Mississippi Baptist Journalist Without Honor in Holmes County, Mississippi – Charles Dollar

Susan E. Jones de Arevalo and Luz Heath Barrios: Pioneer Baptist Missionaries in Mexico in the Twentieth Century – Rubi Elizabeth Barocio Castells

Faye Pearson (1940-2019): Mission Leader, Continuing a Legacy – Ron West

Discovering Fresh Sources and Insights in Baptist History: Fall 2018 Vol 53, No. 3

Editor’s Note – Bill Pitts

“Then shall be their day”: The Eschatology of the General Baptist Standard Confession of 1660 – David Lytle

“I was on the point of death” – and a Questions of Carey’s Affairs of the Heart – Elizabeth A. Dixon and Larry J. Kreitzer

Spurgeon’s Resignation from the British Baptist Union: A Microhistory of First Responders – Joel Gregory

“Dear Brother Graves”: Expert Advice to Local Congregations in the Old South – Scott M. Stephen

Walter Rauschenbusch: A Centennial Legacy – Bill Pitts

The Place of Southern Baptist Women in the Church, Home, and Society, 1950-1979 – Joe Early Jr.

Baptist Women in the Twentieth Century: Summer 2018 Vol 53, No. 2

Executive Director’s Note – John Finley

Editor’s Note – Bill Pitts

A Winding and Widening Path: American Women’s Roles in Twentieth-Century Baptist Life – Melody Maxwell

Why Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives, and Women Preachers Are Here to Stay: A Little Side-eye to John R. Rice and Others of His Ilk – Molly T. Marshall

Remembering Addie: Baptist Ordination Pioneer and the Influence of Feminism on Her Ministry Journey – Pamela R. Durso

From Promise to Pulpit: Contributions of Feminist Theory and Feminist Theology – Judith Bledsoe Bailey

Beth Hayworth Echols: A Heart for the World – Jennifer Hawks

Many Voices: The Complexity of Baptist Women’s History – Mandy McMichael

A Festschrift in Honor of E. Glenn Hinson: Spring 2018 Vol 53, No. 1

Executive Director’s Note – John Finley

Editor’s Note – Bill Pitts

Festschrift Editor’s Note – Loyd Allen

Baptist Spirituality as I Have Known It for 60 Years – Walter B. Shurden

Sex, Class, and Religious Freedom: Daniel Featley vs. the Early Baptists – Bill J. Leonard

The Holy Well: Place of Presences and Presence of Place – Linda McKinnish Bridges

Light to Darkness: From Gnosis to Agape in the Apophatic Imagery of Gregory of Nyssa – Gary R. Poe

Contemplation in a World of Action: Thomas Merton, Douglas Steere, E. Glenn Hinson, and the Academy for Spiritual Formation – Johnny Sears

Bibliography: Glenn Hinson

Baptists and the Protestant Reformation: Fall 2017 Vol 52, No. 3

Editor’s Note – Bill Pitts

How Baptists Understand Their Reformation Legacy: Representative Views from the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries – Doug Weaver

The Spiritual Kinship Theory of Baptist Origins – Glenn Jonas

Rauschenbusch and the Reformation – Bill Pitts

Jot and Tittle: The Important Distinctions Among the Westminster, Savoy, and Second London Confessions – Malcolm Foley

Turning Points in Baptist Church Music – David W. Music

When Southern Baptists Were Ecumenical: 1899-1919 – Ray Wilkins

A Reformation Bibliography – Bill Pitts

Baptist Narratives: Perspectives and Convictions: Summer 2017 Vol 52, No. 2

Editor’s Note – Bill Pitts

Executive Director’s Note – John M. Finley

“We must go out of this Union”: The Two Secessions of Basil Manly Sr. – Mandy E. McMichael

The Forgotten Origins of the Southern Baptists Convention’s Near East Mission: W. A. Hamlett’s Month in the Holy Land – Walker Robins

“The serious nature of the division”: Calvary Baptist Church of Des Moines and the Fundamentalist Challenge of the 1920s – Bill R. Douglas

Bernard Ramm: An Exemplar of the Development of a Neo-evangelical-Baptist Identity within the American Baptist Convention – Andrew Kim

“Peculiar Feelings” and the Life of Henrietta Hall Shuck – Andrew Gardner

Searching for Truth in a Post-Truth World: The Southern Baptist Schism as Case Study in the Power Narrative for the Construction of Truth – Adam McDuffie

A Festschrift in Honor of Albert W. Wardin Jr.: Spring 2017 Vol 52, No. 1

Albert Wardin Jr: Baptist Historian for All Seasons – Ronald Tonks

Land of Promise: The First Fifty Years of Baptists in the Pacific Northwest – Michael Kuykendall

Reflections on the East German Revolution of 1989 – Richard V. Pierard

Continental European Baptists in the Twentieth Century – Albert W. Wardin

Albert W. Wardin Jr: A Selected Bibliography – Bill Sumners

Baptists and the Local Church: Fall 2016 Vol 51, No. 3

The Beast of England: Apocalypticism in Seventeenth-Century General Baptist Literature – David Lytle

“Give due prominence to spirituality above all outward ceremony”: Analyzing the Ecclesiology of J. L. Dagg – David A. Erikson

Nurturing the Vision: First Baptist Church Raleigh, 1812-2012 – Glenn Jonas

A Journey of Faith and Community: The Story of the First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia – Bruce T. Gourley

Significant Influences of Baptists on Politics in America – Welton C. Gaddy

Perspectives in Baptist History and Identity: Summer 2016 Vol 51, No. 2

Perspectives in Baptist History and Identity – Bruce T. Gourley

Baptists and Spirit-led Experience – Doug Weaver

Lessons I Have Learned and the Future of Baptist Archives – Bill Sumners

The Quest for a Baptist Bible: The Rise and Demise of the American Bible Union, 1850-1883 – Michael Kuykendall

Fifty Years of Baylor’s Graduate Program in Religion – Bill Pitts

“Cracks in the Solid South”: Southern Baptist Response to the Presidential Campaigns of Governor Alfred E. Smith and Senator John F. Kennedy – Kenneth W. Russell

A Festschrift in Honor of Carolyn DeArmond Blevins: Spring 2016 Vol 51, No. 1

In Honor and Celebration of Carolyn Blevins – Bruce T. Gourley

Carolyn Blevins: Trailblazer – Doug Weaver

In the Tradition of Carolyn Blevins – Merrill M. Hawkins Jr

Carolyn DeArmond Blevins – Kay W. Shurden and Walter B. Shurden Sr

Changing Hands: The Practice of Ordaining Baptist Women – Eileen R. Campbell-Reed

Journey to Ordination: Addie Davis and Watts Street Baptist Church – Pamela R. Durso

“A home without walls”: WMU and the Reinterpretation of Gender Ideology – Carol Crawford Holcomb

Tennessee Women: Ministering to the Cities – Delane Tew

A “True Baptist” Theology of Women in Ministry – Elizabeth Flowers

Women and the Baptist Experience – Carolyn DeArmond Blevins

Carolyn DeArmond Blevins: A Selected Bibliography – Merrill M. Hawkins Jr.

Baptist Identities in the United States–East, West, North, and South: Fall 2015 Vol 50, No. 3

Baptist Identities – Bruce Gourley

“Ye are called unto liberty”: Revolution, Religious Freedom, and Massachusetts Bay – Joshua Shepherd

Spreading American Values and the Gospel: North Dakota Baptists, 1881 to the Great War – Chris Price

Black Missionary Baptist Ministers and the Burden of the Great Commission – Hang Zou and Warren C. Hope

C.T. Vivian: Baptist Champion of Civil Rights – Wesley Carter

“With their own people”: Mexican-American, African-American and Anglo Baptists in Texas, 1900-1965 – David J. Cameron

The Pursuit of Justice–Baptist Activists of the 20th Century: Summer 2015 Vol 50, No. 2

The Sea of Social Justice – Bruce T. Gourley

Seeking Justice through Novel Writing and Book Publishing: Sutton Grigg’s Commitment to Literature and Battles in Print – John Gruesser

“A high-class Christian gentleman”: Tennessee Governor Ben W. Hooper and Progressive Era Reforms – Merrill Hawkins Jr

Justice: Walter Rauschenbusch’s Contribution to Baptist Identity – Bill Pitts

White Mississippi Baptist Ministers Who Helped Crack the Walls of the “Closed Society,” 1954-1974 – Charles M. Dollar

A Flea Against Injustice: The Social Christianity of Marian Wright Edelman – Jerry L. Faught II

A Festschrift in Honor of Walter B. Shurden, Sr.: Spring 2015 Vol 50, No. 1

Celebrating the Life and Work of Buddy Shurden – Bruce T. Gourley

A Tribute to Buddy Shurden – Doug Weaver

Walter B. Shurden, Sr.: A Timeline – Doug Weaver

The Teaching Ministry of Walter B. Shurden, Sr. – John M. Finley

A Tribute to Buddy Shurden – R. Kirby Godsey

The Church and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship – Fisher Humphreys

The Center for Baptist Studies of Mercer University: The Capstone of Buddy Shurden’s Career – Bruce T. Gourley

Soup and Salad with a Side of Wisdom – John D. Pierce

John Bunyan as Spiritual Guide – E. Glenn Hinson

Tender Hearts, Tough Minds, Trained Hands – Walter B. Shurden, Sr.

A Decade of Promise – Walter B. Shurden, Sr.

Baptist Pavement, Baptist Potholes, and a P.S. Concerning Baptist Freedom – Walter B. Shurden, Sr.

Walter B. Shurden, Sr.: Bibliography – Julie Whidden Long and Chris Moore

Baptists on the Margins: Minorities, Borders, and Controversies: Fall 2014 Vol 49, No. 3

Diversity and Justice – Bruce T. Gourley

Baptists on the Margins: Minorities, Borders and Controversies – Doug Weaver

“That these glorious results will at some day be realized”: … Early Works of E.C. Morris – Scott C. Ryan

Where Shall We Go Next? … Anglo-America and Mexican-American Baptists in Texas During the Pioneer Period – Joao Paulo Bezerra Chaves

Suffering for Their Consciences: The Depiction of Anabaptists and Baptists in the Eighteenth-century Histories of Daniel Neal – Bracy V. Hill II

Baptist Missionary Activities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Rev. Abel Bingham – James Seelye

Historical Criticism Among Southern Baptists: A Comparison of Clyde Fransisco, Ralph Elliott, and G. Henton Davies – Nicholas R. Werse

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: H. Boyce Taylor, Faith Missions, and the Relationship Between Landmarkism and Fundamentalism … – Andrew Smith

Exploring the “Other” Baptists: Summer 2014 Vol 49, No. 2

The “Other” in the Baptist Experience – Bruce T. Gourley

Did You Know? – Doug Weaver

Reflections on the ALABI/BH&HS Conference – Taffey Hall

The Other Baptists – Albert Wardin, Jr.

Rebirth Pangs, Conflicting Conversion Morphologies in Baptist Believers’ Churches – Bill J. Leonard

Rauschenbusch and Dollinger as “Other”: Historians and the Protestant-Catholic Divide – Bill Pitts

The Birth and Growth of the Baptist Missionary Association of America – Joe Early, Jr.

Baptists and the Indians of North America, 1674-1845 – Robert G. Gardner

A Festschrift in Honor of Bill Pitts: Spring 2014 Vol 49, No. 1

Drs. Bill and Ruth Pitts, a Model Husband-Wife Team – Bruce T. Gourley

Dr. Bill Pitts and Students: An Enduring Legacy – Doug Weaver

Celebrating the Life and Work of Bill Pitts – John Inscore Essick

The Awe and Wonder of Our Time: Bill Pitts (1937-present) – W. Glenn Jonas

Baptizing Wyclif: A Medieval Ancestor in the Baptist History of Thomas Crosby – Bracy V. Hill, II

Worship Wars: John Smyth and the Apostolic Model of Spiritual Worship – J. Kristian Pratt

She-Preachers, Sisters, and Messengers from the Lord: British Baptist Women, 1609-1700 – Pamela R. Durso

The Women of Fenstanton: Respectability and Moral Agency Seventh-Century English Baptists – Rosalie Beck

Assumptions of Conclusions: The Treatment of Early General Baptist Doctrinal Conflict by Selected Surveys of Baptist History – Merrill M. Hawkins, Jr.

Bill Pitts: A Selected Bibliography – Courtney Lyons

Modern Baptists in Thought and Action: Fall 2013 Vol 48, No. 3

Baptist Anniversaries – Bruce T. Gourley

Essays on Twentieth-Century Baptists – Bill Pitts

Baptist Theology Since 1950 – Fisher Humphreys

A Tale of Two Baptists: Jimmy Carter and Jerry Falwell – J. Brooks Flippen

Northside “Hypocrites” Versus Southside “Racists”: Three Atlanta Southern Baptist Churches Respond to Changes in the Racial Status Quo – Scarlet Jernigan

R. Paul Green, Pioneer Minister of Music – David W. Music

The Impact of the Sons and Daughters of Slaves from the South on the Romanian Churches during the Communist Era, 1950-2000 – George Hancock-Stefan

Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness: Religion and the Civil War, Emancipation and Reconciliation in Our Time: Summer 2013 Vol 48, No. 2

A War That Endures – Bruce T. Gourley

Faith, Freedom, and Forgiveness: The Third Component – Fred Anderson

A Race Relations Laboratory – Doug Weaver

The Trials of Robert Ryland – Edward L. Ayers

Wrestling and Reconciling with Race – Andrew M. Manis

Isaac Taylor Tichenor’s “Fast Day Sermon”-Laying the Foundations for a Postwar Blend of Old South Myth and New South Advocacy – Michael E. Williams, Sr.

“Northern fingers have played our pianos”-Baptists and Reconciliation in Postwar North Carolina, 1865-1877 – Christopher C. Moore

“Calm yet earnest attention”-The Richard Fuller-Francis Wayland Slavery Debate, Denominational Division, and the Coming of the Civil War – D. H. Dilbeck

Selected Bibliographies:

Religion and the American Civil War – Bruce T. Gourley
American Reconstruction and Emancipation – Michael Whitt
Civil Rights Experience – Andrew M. Manis

A Festschrift in Honor of H. Leon McBeth: Spring 2013 Vol. 48, No. 1

Harry Leon McBeth (1931-present) – Karen O’Dell Bullock

Sifted but Saved: W. W. Melton-Cowboy, Pastor, Denominational Servant, and the Significance of Liberal Arts Education – Michael E. Williams

John Waller: Exemplar and Maverick Among Separate Baptists – Paul L. Gritz

Charitable by Choice: A Biblical View of Faith-Based Initiatives – James T. Spivey

Baptist Beginnings – Leon McBeth

Leon McBeth: A Selected Bibliography – Karen O’Dell Bullock

Identity Within Diversity–Baptists Across Centuries and Continents: Fall 2012 Vol. 47, No. 3

The Making of a Baptist Universalist: The Curious Case of Elhanan Winchester – Nathan A. Finn

William Whitson: Was He, or Wasn’t He? – Paul R. Gilliam III

Baptism in the Theology of A. H. Strong – Mael L. D. S. Disseau

Social Justice and American Exceptionalism in the Writings of Southern Baptist Statesman H. Cornell Goerner – Chris Price

John Leland: The Consistent Separationist – Rosalie Beck

Toward a Twentieth-Century Baptist Identity in North America: Insights from the Baptist Congresses, 1881-1913 – Craig A. Sherouse

Baptists and Theology: Summer 2012 Vol. 47, No. 2

Conviction and Contradiction: Reassessing Theological Education – Bill J. Leonard

Nurturing the Vision: Highlights from a 200-Year-Old Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina – Glenn Jonas

Baptist Theology: Is There Another Way? – Jay Smith

Debating the True Church on the Grounds of Believer’s Baptism: The Ecclesiology of Hanserd Knollys – Bill Pitts

E.Y.  Mullins’ Neglected Theological Foundation for Church-State Separation – David M. Stratton

A Festschrift in Honor of Wayne Flynt: Spring 2012 Vol. 47, No. 1

Remembering Dixie’s People: An Interview with Marie Cirillo – Mark R. Wilson

Building a Publishing Empire: The Annie Armstrong Era of WMU, SBC – Carol Crawford Holcomb

The Founding of Four Churches: An Overview of Baptist Beginnings in Montgomery County, Alabama – Gary P. Burton

On the Conservative Side: Woman’s Missionary Union in the Progressive Era – C. Delane Tew

Sowing Seeds of Hope – Mart Gray

Wayne Flynt: A Selected Bibliography – Courtney Lyons

Challenges Within and Without: Fall 2011 Vol. 46, No. 3

James Madison, Persecuted Baptists, and Religious Liberty – David Stratton

Pastor Elias Lyman Magoon, the Education of Blacks, and His 1846 Departure from Second Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia – Craig A. Sherouse

Armistead Thomson Mason Handey: The Unusual Life and Times of a Nineteenth-Century Church Planter and Pastor in Central Alabama – Gary P. Burton

Preparing College Graduates for Mission: The Role of the Student Volunteer Movement in the Calling and Formation of a “Baylor Girl,” 1903-1907 – T. Laine Scales and Craig R. Clarkson

“Not in my backyard” to “not in anyone’s backyard”: Black Baptists, the Black Church, and the Environmental Justice Movement – Aaron Douglas Weaver

Baptists and Education: Summer 2011 Vol. 46, No. 2

The Education Demanded by the People of the United States: Francis Wayland and the Future of American Higher Education – J. Bradley Creed

Not Only for the Preachers: Comparing Women’s and Men’s Theological Education among Southern Baptists during the 75,000,000 Campaign – Andrew C. Smith

Reuben Alley: The SBC Conflict and Academic Freedom – Doug Weaver

Dr. Walter and Adelia Hillman: Preserving the Commitment of Mississippi Baptists to Higher Education during the Civil War Era – Jennifer L. Hawks

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“In the name of our God and our Baptist heritage”: Reflections on History and the Progressive National Baptist Convention – Bill J. Leonard

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“Hear the call”: The Women’s Auxiliary of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. – Pamela A. Smoot

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Salvation and Sawdust: The Rise and Fall of a Baptist Conversion Liturgy – Bill J. Leonard

Being Born Again – And Again and Again: Conversion, Revivalism, and Baptist Spirituality – Wm. Loyd Allen

The Baptist Influence on Revival Music/The Revival Influence on Baptist Music – David W. Music

The Conversion of J. Frank Norris: A Fresh Look at the Revival of 1910 – Dwight A. Moody

From Personal Salvation to Personal Baptism: The Shaping Influence of Evangelical Theology on Baptism – Sheila Klopfer

Faithfulness in the Face of Persecution: Thomas Helwys’ Struggle for a Better World – Lydia Towns

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I Am Woman: Southern Baptist Women and Feminism – Susan M. Shaw

Resurgent Calvinism’s Influence among Baptist Ministry Students and Its Implications for Women in Ministry – Dennis J. Horton

Women in Baptist Music Ministry: Taking Another Look – Randall Bradley

James M. Dunn and Soul Freedom: A Baptist Paradigm for Political Engagement in the Public Arena – Aaron Douglas Weaver

The Controversy over Adoniram Judson’s Famous “Change of Sentiments,” 1813-1820 – David B. Raymond

Charles Barrett Howard: Preacher, Professor, Philanthropist – Glenn Jonas

Baptists and Baptisms: Winter 2010 Vol. 45, No. 1

The Betwixt and Between: Baptismal Theology of Baptists in Colonial America – Sheila D. Klopfer

Baptist Theological Contributions: … Reserving Baptism for Believers and Religious Liberty Achieved by Separation of Church and State – Fisher Humphreys

Shall We Gather at the River: A Photographic Essay of Believer’s Baptism by Immersion – Taffey Hall

Baptism Trends in the Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist General Convention of Texas, 1950-2008 – Clay Price

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Tinkers and Poormen: Baptist and Grassroots Religion, 1609-2009 – Carol Crawford Holcomb

Baptist Contributions to American Life –  J. Wayne Flynt

The Significance of Local Baptist Church History: The 200th Anniversary of the First Baptist Church of Huntsville, Alabama – Bruce Gourley

The Contributions of First Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama, to its City, State, and Beyond – David W. Hull

The Risk of Majority Faith – C. Douglas Weaver

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Martin, Maston, and Millard: 3 M Baptists and Social Justice – William M. Tillman and W. Andrew Tillman

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Saving Grace: Baptist Archives and Historical Collections in North America – Taffey Hall

Twilight Breaking: The State of Baptist Theological Education in a Global Christian Era and Implications for the Future – Ryan Clark

Of the Baptist Faith – John D. Pierce

All the Sons of Earth: Carlyle Marney and the Fight Against Prejudice – Curtis W. Freeman

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John Smyth’s Request for Mennonite Recognition and Admission: Four Newly Translated Letters, 1610-1612 – Kirsten T. Timmer

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Hanserd Knollys and Mystical Babylon Unveiled: Contemporary Perspectives and New Observances on Early English Baptist Apocalypticism – Emily Hunter McGowin

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The Burnt Swamp Baptist Association: A Fellowship of Indian Baptist Churches – Mike Cummings

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John Davis and Joseph Islands: Indigenous Missionaries among the Creeks in Indian Territory – Jerry L. Faught, II

Lee and Susannah Compere – Sean Flynt

Baptist Work among Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest – Michael Kuykendall

Missionary Work among our Indians – Mrs. C.F. Frazier

International Baptist Perspectives on Human Rights – Charles W. Deweese

“A man, a Christian . . . and a gentleman?”: John Day, Southern Baptists, and the Nineteenth-Century Mission to Liberia – Elizabeth H. Flowers

The American Civil War of 1861-1865: A Major Challenge to the Survival of Early Baptist Ventures in Nigeria – S. Ademola Ajayi

William Wallace Finlator: Activist Prophet – Glenn Jonas

Baptists and the First Amendment: Summer/Fall 2008 Vol. 43 No. 3

Baptists and the First Amendment: An Historical Overview – C. Douglas Weaver

The Metaphor of the Wall of Separation: Baptists and the First Amendment – William D. Underwood

“Til moss grows on my eyebrows!” Acts 5:17-40 – Courtney Krueger

The Relevance of Roger Williams – Bruce Prescott

A Rock and a Hard Place: Seventh Day Baptists, Religious Liberty, Sabbath-Keeping, and Civil Authority – Nicholas J. Kersten

A Millstone Hanged about His Neck?: George W. Truett, Anti-Catholicism, and Baptist Conceptions of Religious Liberty – J. David Holcomb

W.A. Criswell: The Wall of Separation of Church and State and Politics – Joe Early, Jr.

Old Wine in New Wineskins: The First Amendment and the Internet – Bruce T. Gourley

Cracks in the Wall? Changing Attitudes toward the Separation of Church and State among Southern Baptists – Mark E. Gaskins

E.Y.  Mullins and The Axioms of Religion: Winter 2008 Vol. 43 No. 1

E.Y.  Mullins: “A man of books and a man of the people” – William E. Ellis

The Baptist Ecclesiology of E.Y.  Mullins: Individualism and the New Testament Church – C. Douglas Weaver

The Inner Testimony of the Spirit: Locating the Coherent Center of E.Y.  Mullins’ Theology – William Carrell

E.Y.  Mullins on Confessions of Faith – E. Glenn Hinson

The Ambiguity of Historical Study: Was Mullins Right or Wrong About Confessions? – Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants

E.Y.  Mullins on Religious Liberty – J. Brent Walker

The Significance of E.Y.  Mullins’ The Axioms of Religion – Russell Dilday

Recruiting for Missions: The Baylor Volunteer Foreign Mission Band, 1900-1906 – Bill Pitts

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Organizing God’s Children: The Denominational Tradition and the Problem of Black Baptist Unity – Quinton Dixie

African American Baptist Women: Making A Way Out of No Way – Pamela A. Smoot

‘Righteous Discontent’: Mary Virginia Cook Parrish and Black Baptist Women – Lawrence H. Williams

‘What a Chasm There Is Between Us’: Charlotte Hawkins Brown and White Protestant Progressives, 1901-1952 – Kendal P. Mobley

When Baptists Bluff, or Believe – W. Brent Jones

Caesar Blackwell (1769-1845): The Work and Times of Central Alabama’s Nineteenth-Century Slave-Evangelist – Gary Burton

The Challenges, Responsibilities and Rewards of Preserving the John Jasper Legacy – Benjamin C. Ross

L. Venchael Booth: Crusader for Freedom – William D. Booth

The Mind, Ministry, and Mysticism Howard Thurman – Bonnie J. Oliver

Richard Henry Boyd: Shaper of Black Baptist Identity – Joe Early, Jr.

“How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace”: The Life and Ministry of Nelson Smith, Jr. – Avis Williams

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Toward a Deeper Understanding: Baptists and Bible Translation – Steven M. Sheeley

Beyond Translation: The Work of the Judsons in Burma – Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants

Edgar Johnson Goodspeed: American Moffatt or American Monkey? – Robert O. Byrd

My Father, Charles Bray Williams – Charlotte W. Sprawls

“A middle-of-the-road Baptist”: Helen Barrett Montgomery, Creedalism, and the Defense of Baptist Liberty, 1921-22 – Kendal P. Mobley

Of Words and Women: Southern Baptist Publications and the Progress of Women in the 1970s – Susan M. Shaw

Controversy over Public Funding to the Baptist Institutions in Colonial Hong Kong and the United States from the 1950s to the 1970s – Vincent C. P. Lau

From “Funnymentalist” to Friend: The Evolving Relationship of Ben M. Bogard and J. Frank Norris – J. Kristian Pratt

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The Origins and Early Development of Baptists in Bulgaria – Teodor B. Oprenov

Baptist Beginnings in Russia and Ukraine – Heather J. Coleman

Baptist Origins in Poland – Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

“The love of liberty brought us here”: Baptist Beginnings in Liberia – Eddie Stepp

The Origins of Baptists in France – T Thomas

Women, Ministry, and Identity: Establishing Female Deacons at First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas – Bill Pitts

Continuities in American Anti-Catholicism: the Texas Baptist Standard and the Coming of the 1960 Election – Ricky Floyd Dobbs

The Contributions of Baptist Public Figures in America: Summer/Fall 2006 Vol. 41, No. 3

BJC = JMD2: The Contributions of Joseph M. Dawson and James M. Dunn to the Baptist Joint Committee – J. Brent Walker

The Rise, Decline, and Fall of Christian Life Commission Entities and Voices – William M. Tillman, Jr. and W. Andrew Tillman

Christianity and the Social Crisis: Rauschenbusch’s Legacy after a Century – Bill Pitts

Billy Graham: An Appreciation – Denton Lotz

The Life and Times of Barbara Jordan: A Twentieth-Century Baptist and Political Pioneer – Bonnie J. Oliver

Jennings Randolph: Servant, Statesman, Seventh Day Baptist – Nicholas Kersten

Principles over Popularity: The Political Career of Congressman Brooks Hays – C. Fred Williams

Harry Emerson Fosdick’s Role in the War and Pacifist Movements – David P. King

Unclean (Winning Sermon in the 2006 Baptist Heritage Preaching Contest) – Martha Kearse

Baptist Missions in Transition: Spring 2006 Vol. 41, No. 2

The Shifting Landscape in Baptist Missions During the Twentieth Century – T Thomas

Baptist Missions in Recent Decades: Patterns in Laity Involvement, Particularly among the Younger Generation – Bruce Gourley

The Future of Baptists and Missions – Mike W. Stroope

One Mission, Different Voices: Oversees Missions of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches – Carla Gay A. Romarate-Knipel

Baptist Missionary Funding: From Societies to Centralization – C. Delane Tew

“An opportunity to aid in this good work”: Power and Agency in the Ann Hasseltine Missionary Society – Mandy McMichael

“Here I am, stuck in the middle with you”: The Baptist Standard, Texas Baptist Leadership, and School Desegregation, 1954 to 1956 – Blake Killingsworth

From Colporteurs to Cooperative Program: A Century of Southern Baptist Stewardship and the Rise of the Southern Baptist Convention – David L. Rowe

Judson and Rice Talk to Baptists – Walter B. Shurden

Baptist Women around the World: Winter 2006 Vol. 41, No. 1

Angelina B. Buensuceso: Harbinger of Baptist Ordination of Women in the Philippines – Carla Gay A. Romarate-Knipel

English Baptist Women Under Persecution (1660-1688): A Study of Social Conformity and Dissent – Kirsten Thea Timmer

Women in Cultural Captivity: British Women and the Zenana Mission – Karen E. Smith

Canadian Baptist Mission Work among Women in Andhra, India, 1874-1924 – James Elisha

The Role of Women and Women’s Issues in the Baptist World Alliance – Scott E. Bryant

Rebecca Anna Phillips: Question of Authority and Gender Among Primitive Baptists – Jana Mayfield Mullen

Jewell Legett and the Social Curriculum: The Education of a Southern Baptist Woman Missionary at the WMU Training School, 1908-1909 – T. Laine Scales

The Quite Revolutionary: Amelia Morton Bishop – Barrett Kent Border and Dan Gentry Kent

The Story of Asenath Brewster: Pioneer in Urban Missions and Mentor of Southern Baptist Leaders – Peter Smith

Women Hymn Writers and Hymn Tune Composers in the Baptist Hymnal, 1991 – William J. Reynolds

Baptist Women in America: Summer/Fall 2005 Vol. 40, No. 3

Baptist Women Walking Together in America, 1950-2000 – Sarah Frances Anders

Chosen by God: Women Pastors on the Frontiers of the Seventh Day Baptist Denomination – Patricia A. Bancroft

Keep Your Hand on the Plow-Hold On: Black Baptist Women in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Pamela Smoot

Black Baptist Women and the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement, 1956-1963 – Wilson Fallin

African American Baptist Women: A Study of Missions in African American Churches in Atlanta – Jaquelyn S. Henderson

Remember That You Were Slaves – Steve Hollaway

Baptist Women Deacons and Deaconesses: Key Developments and Trends, 1609-2005 – Charles W. Deweese

Susan B. Anthony and Helen Barrett Montgomery: An Intergenerational Feminist Partnership – Kendal P. Mobley

Sallie Rochester Ford: Fiction, Faith, and Femininity – Richard Traylor

“Exquisite Powers”: Ann Baker Graves and Corinthia Read Williams, Obedient Revolutionaries – Wm. Loyd Allen

Baptist Preaching–Past and Present: Spring 2005 Vol. 40, No. 2

A Look at Baptist Preaching: Past, Present, and Future – Charles B. Bugg

John A. Broadus: Shaper of Baptist Preaching – Thomas R. McKibbens, Jr.

“There is no armor for the back”: A Sermon Written from Prison Thomas Hardcastle, August 18, 1675 – Keith E. Durso

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down, Ephesians 2:11-22 – Walter B. Shurden

Confessions of a Novice Baptist Preacher – Sarah Jackson Shelton

Confessions of a Vietnamese Baptist Preacher – Ngoc Ha

Confessions of a Bi-Vocational Baptist Preacher – M. Greg Thompson

Toward A Methodology for Teaching Preaching to Baptists – Bernadette Glover-Williams

Over Troubled Waters: Baptist Preachers Who Were Bridge Builders – Thomas R. McKibbens, Jr.

The Unlikely Argument of a Baptist Fundamentalist: John Roach Straton’s Defense of Women in the Pulpit – Lee Canapé

Like a Wildfire: The Growth of Virginia Baptists Between 1765 and 1774 – John Ashley Nixon

The Effect and Implications of the Theology of Elder Reuben Ross on Baptist Life – Timothy Mohan

The Baptist Community: Winter 2005 Vol. 40, No. 1

Who and Where in the World Are the Baptists? – Denton Lotz

The Progressive National Baptist Convention – Lawrence H. Williams

Against All Odds: The Fire Shut up in the Bones of L. Enchain Venchael Booth, Founder of the Progressive National Baptist Convention – William D. Booth

Unification to Integration: A Brief History of the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas – Albert Reyes

A History of the Korean Immigrant Baptist Church Movement in the United States – Chula Tim Chang

The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church – Elvin Butts

Seventh Day Baptists: A Microcosm of Baptist History – Don Sanford

Fellowship in the Gospel: Scottish Baptists and their Relationships with Other Baptist Churches 1900 to 1945 – Brian Talbot

The International Baptist Seminary: A Baptist Attempt at Americanization, Education, and Missions in East Orange, New Jersey – John D. Essick

John Leland: Evolving Views of Slavery, 1789-1839 – Bruce Gourley

Baptist Footprints in the Northwest: Summer/Fall 2004 Vol. 39, Nos. 3 & 4

Baptist Beginnings in the Northwest – Michael Kuykendall

An Overview of Northwest Baptist History – Cecil C. Sims

Recovering a Missing Trail in Canadian Baptist Footprints in the Northwest: Stories of Chinese Baptists in Western Canada – Chung-Yan Joyce Chan

A New Paradigm in Japanese Ministry – Mitchisugu (Mitch) Yokoi

Shared Church Facilities: A Study in Three Anglo-Ethnic Arrangements – Martha Jean Mugg Bailey

Theological Influences Affecting Baptist Development in the Northwest – Stephen M. Stookey

Resources for the Study of Baptists in the Northwest in the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives – Bill Sumners

Baptist Historiography in the New Century: What Themes Should We Be Addressing? – Richard V. Pierard

Faith on the Run: What I’m Still a Baptist – Ken Sehested

Israel S. Campbell: The Father of Black Texas Baptists – Joe Early, Jr.

Baptists and Calvinism: Spring 2004 Vol. 39, No. 2

The Influence of Calvinism on Seventeenth-Century English Baptists – John Briggs

The Influence of Calvinism on Colonial Baptists – Michael E. Williams, Sr.

Youth for Calvin: Reformed Theology and Baptist Collegians – C. Douglas Weaver and Nathan A. Finn

Traditional Baptists and Calvinism – Fisher Humphreys,

Baptists and “Calvinism”: Discerning the Shape of the Question – Philip E. Thompson

Contributions of William Owen Carver to the Missions Movement Among Southern Baptists – Henlee Barnette

Sounding a False Alarm: W. O. Carver and the 1914 Controversy over the Virgin Birth – Mark Wilson

Southern Baptist Women Ministering in Metro New York, 1970-1995 – DeLane M. Ryals

William Carey’s Muslim Encounters in India – Galen K. Johnson

Baptists and Academic Freedom: Winter 2004 Vol. 39, No. 1

The Problem of Free Inquiry in Baptist Institutions of Higher Education – J. Jeffrey Tillman

Baptists and Academic Freedom – Nigel G. Wright

Freedom of Academic Inquiry Drives Authentic Theological Education – Thomas H. Graves

Academic Freedom and Southern Baptist History – Slayden A. Yarbrough

Secularization of the Academy: A New Challenge to Baptist Historians – William H. Brackney

Freedom and Irresponsibility: Fundamentalism’s Effect on Academic Freedom in Southern Baptist Life – Derek E. Wittman

Baptist Attitudes toward War and Peace Since 1914 – E. Glenn Hinson

Baptists on the Frontier: Summer/Fall 2003 Vol. 38, No. 3

The Frontier of Free Exchange of Ideas: The Baptist Congress as a Forum for Baptist Concerns, 1880-1912 – William H. Brackney

Frontier in Baptist Ethics History: A Panel – William M. Tillman Jr., Estelle Owen, David Stricklin

Dissenting Baptists: The Glory of a Hated People: A Sermon – Wallace Alcorn

The American Baptist Publication Society Chapel Cars on the Western Frontier of Faith – Wilma Rugh Taylor, Norman Thomas Taylor

Baptist Women on the Frontier: A Panel – Rosalie Beck, Portia Sikes McKown

Separation, Coordination, and Coeducation: Southern Baptist Approaches to the Higher Education of Women, 1880-1920 – Lori Bland Bateman

William Evander Penn: Texas Baptist Evangelist – J. Michael Linder

Baptists and the Old Testament: Winter 2003 Vol. 38, No. 1

The Saint’s Suitor: Crawford H. Toy – Dan Gentry Kent

Repeating Baptist History: The Story of C. H. Toy – Phyllis R. Tippit, W. H. Bellinger, Jr.

The Biblical Theology of H. H. Rowley, 1890-1969 – Ronald E. Clements

John Richard Sampey: Shoulders on Which to Stand – Nancy L. deClaissee-Walford

Page H. Kelley: Old Testament Scholar and Devoted Baptist – Daniel S. Mynatt

Round Two: Volume One: The Broadman Commentary Controversy – Jerry Faught, II

Baptists and Judaism: Spring 2003 Vol. 38, No. 2

Christian Ecumenism and Judeo-Baptist Relations in Savannah, Georgia – George H. Shriver

Baptist-Jewish Relations: Some Observations from a German Point of View – Erich Geldbach

Understanding Romans 11:26: Baptist Perspectives – Toby Ziglar

Southern Baptists Abroad: Sharing the Faith in Nineteenth-Century Brazil – H. B. Cavalcanti

Southern Social Justice: Brooks Hays and the Little Rock School Crisis – Terry D. Goddard

The Newport Collection (1766): The First Baptist Hymnal in America – David W. Music

The Conflicted Puritan Inheritance of John Bunyan’s Political Writings – Galen K. Johnson

Baptist Historians and Their Studies: Winter 2002Vol. 37, No. 1

Enduring Legacy: William Wright Barnes and Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Michael Williams, Sr., Albert Henry Newman, Glenn Jonas, Kenneth Scott Latourette, William L. Pitts

The Origins of the Southern Baptist Convention: A Historiographical Study – Walter B. Shurden, Lori Redwine Varnadoe

The State of State Baptist Histories – Daniel W. Stowell

When Orphans Became Heirs: J. R. Graves and the Landmark Baptists – Chad W. Hall

Baptists and Spirituality: Spring 2002Vol. 37, No. 2

Baptist Approaches to Spirituality – E. Glenn Hinson

Hearing Baptist Spirituality in Some Conversion Narratives from the American South – William Loyd Allen

F. B. Meyer: Baptist Ambassador for Keswick Holiness Spirituality – Ian M. Randall

A Catholic Looks at Baptist Spirituality – Samuel F. Weber

Sing Praise with the Mind: Reflections of a Baptist Theologian-in-Residence – Darren J. N. Middleton

Christian Spirituality and the Quest for Identity: Toward a Spiritual-Theological Understanding of Life in Christ – Stanley J. Grenz

Baptists and Diversity: Summer/Fall 2002 Vol. 37, No. 3

Baptists in Appalachia – Bill J. Leonard

Diverse Baptist Worship Styles: A Panel – Jimmy Garcia III, James M. Porch, Sherman R. Tribble

Theological Variety in the Baptist Experience – Fisher Humphreys

Diverse Baptist Attitudes toward Women: A Panel – Pamela R. Durso, Carolyn D. Blevins, Catherine B. Allen

Standing Firm for Freedom: A Sermon – Steven R. Harmon

Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists – Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

Global Baptist History: Winter/Spring 2001 Vol. 36, No. 1-2

Baptist World Alliance Relief Efforts in Post-Second-World-War Europe – Richard V. Pierard

Patterns of Canadian Baptist Life in the Twentieth Century – Robert S. Wilson

Central Canadian Baptists and the Role of Cultural Factors in the Fundamentalist-Modernist Schism of 1927 – Paul Wilson

Religious Pluralism in the United States and Other Lands: A Challenge for Baptists and Other Christians in 21st Century – Alan Neely

U.S. Baptists and Modernity: Great Dissenters, Lousy Conformists – Edwin S. Gaustad

Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Estonia, 1945-1989: Survival Techniques, Outreach Efforts, Search for Identity – Tovio Pilli

Baptist Developments in the Nordic Countries During The Twentieth Century – Peder A. Eidberg

Another Way of Being a Christian in France: A Century of Baptist Implantation – Sebastien Fath

The Holy Spirit: The Key to the Baptismal Sacramentalism of H. Wheeler Robinson – Anthony R. Cross

Japanese Baptists’ Compromise with Nationalism in 1941 – Eiko Kanamaru

Seeking a Turangawaewae: Constructing a Baptist Identity in New Zealand – Martin Sutherland

The Fundamentalist Controversy Concerning the Baptist Theological College of Scotland – Kenneth B. E. Roxburgh

Baptists in Latin America and Their Theological Contributions at the End of the Twentieth Century – Pablo P. Moreno

Baptists and World War II: Summer/Fall 2001 Vol. 36, No. 3

What “Being Baptist” Meant for Southern Baptists During World War II – Walter B. Shurden

Freedom for and Freedom from: Baptists, Religious Liberty, and World War II – Brad Creed

Signs of Peace and Sanity: Baptist Women and World War II – Rosalie Beck

Baptists in Florida, Alabama, Arizona during World War II: A Panel – Mark Rathel, Wayne Flynt, Nelda Kent

Baptists, Music, and World War II – William J. Reynolds

African-American Baptists and World War II – Sandy Martin

Baptist Theology in the 20th Century: Winter 2000 Vol. 35, No. 1

Baptists and Their Theology – Fisher Humphreys

Baptists and Neo-Evangelical Theology – Glenn T. Miller

Baptist Contribution to Liberalism – E. Glenn Hinson

Baptists and Liberation Theology: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean – Jorge Pixley

Baptists and Liberation Theology in South America – Pablo Moreno

Conversing in Christian Style: Toward a Baptist Theological Method for the Postmodern Context – Stanley J. Grenz

Baptists and Baptism: A British Perspective – Anthony R. Cross

Baptists and the Social Gospel: Spring 2000 Vol. 35, No. 2

“For of such is the kingdom of heaven”: Institutionalizing Youth Benevolence Among Southern Baptists, 1890-1920 – Keith Harper

“The striking of mind upon mind”: The Open Forum and the Social Gospel – Arthur S. Meyers

Cooperative Ownership: Reconsidering a Social Gospel Legacy – Ken Estey

The Kingdom at Hand: The Social Gospel and the Personal Service Department of WMU, Auxiliary to the SBC – Carol Crawford Holcomb

Missions and Baptist Systematic Theologies – James Leo Garrett, Jr.

Sutton E. Griggs’ Imperium in Imperio as Evidence of Black Baptist Radicalism – Larry Frazier

Reflections on Baptist Life in the Twentieth Century: Summer/Fall 2000 Vol. 35, No. 3

Baptist Identity in the Twentieth Century – Thomas H. Graves

Reflections on Baptist Theological Education in the Twentieth Century – R. Alan Culpepper

Reflections: Baptists and Women’s Issues in the Twentieth Century – Carolyn DeArmond Blevins

Birmingham’s Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth: Unsung Hero of the Civil Rights Movement – Andrew M. Manis

Black Baptists, African Missions, and Racial Identity, 1800-1915: A Case Study of African American Religion – Sandy Dwayne Martin

Pilgrims Through the Years: The Bicentennial of First Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia: An Overview – George H. Shriver