Where are the BHHS offices located?

Society offices are located in Savannah and Macon, Georgia.

What is the BHHS’s mission statement?

“Helping Baptists discover, conserve, assess, and share their history.”

Who owns the BHHS?

The society is an independent Baptist history program that adopts its own bylaws; elects its own board of directors/officers, council of advisors, and staff; determines its own programs; and approves its own budgets.

How is the BHHS structured?

The society has a board of directors consisting of three officers (the president, vice president, and secretary) and the executive director. The three officers are elected annually and can serve up to two terms each; the executive director, once hired, serves at the will of the Board and Society membership. Twelve persons serve on the BHHS Council of Advisors, each elected to three-year terms.

Where does the BHHS get its funding?

The society receives more than 50 percent of its income from voluntary contributions from Baptist individuals, churches, colleges/universities, state organizations, and other organizations. Remaining income is derived from annual conference fees, membership dues, book publishing, product sales, endowment and interest earnings, and other sources.

When did the BHHS originate?

The BHHS is a continuation of the Southern Baptist Historical Society. Formed in 1938, the SBHS held that name until 2001 when the society changed it to BHHS and formally broadened its scope to Baptist life in general. In 2003, the society officially registered the name Southern Baptist Historical Society® with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The BHHS renewed that registration in 2008.

What types of resources, services and emphases does the BHHS provide and support?

The society holds an annual conference for its members; leads regional and local workshops and seminars; publishes an academic journal (Baptist History & Heritage) and the online Baptist Studies Bulletin; publishes books, booklets, and pamphlets; provides extensive digital resources through it website and partner websites (such as the Baptists and American Civil War project and Wall of Separation site); issues select annual awards; conducts a Baptist History Book Publishing Program; and provides the speaking services of the executive director as requested.

How large is the BHHS staff?

The staff consists of one professional, full-time position — an executive director — and a part time office manager.

Who comprises the BHHS’s membership?

The BHHS membership of about 600 consists of Baptists and others throughout the United States: American Baptists, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Baptists, National Baptists, Primitive Baptists, Progressive National Baptists, Seventh Day Baptists, Southern Baptists, and many others. Several dozen Baptists in approximately fifteen other countries on several continents are also members. In addition, the BHHS maintains a database of over 1200 members and friends of the Society who receive regular news updates via Constant Contact.

Does the BHHS operate a library and/or archives?

No. The society focuses primarily on communicating and publishing Baptist history.

Does the BHHS preserve/store associational and state convention annuals in its files?

No. The society does not have space to keep such resources.

Does the BHHS assist persons in doing research projects?

No. The society does not have the resources or staff to help with research.